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Kimberly Hetzer

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Hampstead, NC
Kimberly Hetzer


“Get STRONG with bare feet on the GROUND. Jump, DANCE, sing, so that you LIVE happier. HEAL yourself with beautiful LOVE and always remember... YOU ARE THE MEDICINE” - Wise words from Maria Sabina

Hi friends!

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. If you are here, you are interested in taking steps to feel better - whatever that might look like to you. Coaching sessions are a great place to explore your health and wellness concerns and I am excited for you to to take this step.

My path to become a Functional Medicine Heath Coach was sparked by my curiosity about my own health issues and my passion to connect with others and assist them on their health journey. 

I celebrate every day that I have found the place I am meant to be - walking along side others as they uncover strengths and explore ways to help their body heal, their mind grow, and their spirit to thrive.

I believe our body is a miraculous system and it has the capacity to heal if we offer it the proper nourishment. As your health coach, we can explore small, manageable steps to get back to those basic elements your body craves such as hydration, nutrition, movement, stress

management/relaxation, and rest. 

We can also discuss toxins that lurk in our environment that can contribute to inflammation, stress, and chronic disease. As a person who has experience with a dysfunctional lymphatic system, my eyes were opened to the multitude of toxins/chemicals that exist in our food, our cosmetics, our clothes, and our household products. 

I spent years making changes to create a home environment for my family that did not include chemicals. I am eager to educate others about these toxins, the detrimental effects they have on our body, and ways to remove them. 

Let’s connect to discuss your health curiosities and unleash your super powers.


  • FMCHC - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

  • NBC-HWC - National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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I’m deeply grateful that I’ve connected with you at this time on my journey, what a gift to sign up for support on elimination diet and get so much more!! You have been so kind, thoughtful, and extremely supportive. I feel like I’ve made a new friend and I’m filled with gratitude.

Debbie Larrimore, MS, RN
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