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Consider Before Consuming Podcast

Hear podcast host Garrett Jonsson and Shawn discuss how his addiction escalated over time and how his wife and him have since taken steps toward recovery, both for Shawn and their marriage.

Local 10 News feature

Shawn weighs in on red states joining the push to legalize magic mushrooms for therapy.

The Associated Press feature

Shawn weighs in on red states joining the push to legalize magic mushrooms for therapy. 

The Pure Living Family Podcast

Listen to Shawn on his podcast talk about their self-awareness journey through our son Theo's Autism and PANDAS diagnoses.

Mare Tomaski the Original OG in Functional Medicine Coaching

Mare Tomaski is one of the course facilitators for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and one of the coaches for Pure Living.

An Adventure of a Lifetime with Functional Medicine Coach- Kevin Arnold

Let me introduce you to Kevin Arnold one of our Pure Living Functional Medicine Coaches. Kevin has a pretty awesome story of his adventure of a lifetime of why he became a Functional Medicine coach. 

From Buckwheat Snacks to Wellness Coaching: The Inspiring Journey of Leeann Rybakov

Leeann Rybakov is a board-certified functional medicine health coach. As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, and what is now Kyiv, Ukraine, she is bilingual in English and Russian.

Building a Health Coaching Non-Profit, With Shawn Blymiller

This week, Dr. Sandi sits down with Shawn Blymiller of Pure Living and Pure Living Family to discuss his work in building a successful business and non-profit.

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