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From death to life and life to death.


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15-Minute Discovery Call

Uncover Your Potential: A Complimentary Introduction to Pure Living Coaching
Price: Free

Embark on your transformative journey with our free Discovery Call. In this insightful session, we'll explore your goals, challenges, and aspirations. This is your opportunity to discover how Pure Living Coaching can empower you to lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life. As a gesture of our commitment to your well-being, this service is offered free of charge. It's our way of initiating positive change without any financial obligation.

30-Minute Coaching Session

Focused Momentum: Half-Hour Power Session
Price: $50

Experience the impact of targeted coaching with our 30-Minute Coaching Session. Whether you're seeking clarity on a specific challenge or a quick boost of motivation, this session is designed to provide focused guidance. As you invest in your growth, know that 10% of the proceeds contribute to the Pure Living Family Foundation, extending the circle of positive influence beyond yourself.

1-Hour Coaching Session

Deep Dive into Transformation: Your Hour of Personalized Coaching
Price: $100

Dive deep into your personal and professional growth with our 1-Hour Coaching Session. Tailored to address your unique needs, this extended session allows for a comprehensive exploration of your goals and challenges. With 10% of the proceeds dedicated to the Pure Living Family Foundation, your commitment to self-improvement also supports the betterment of the community.

1-Month Starter Package

Foundational Transformation: A Month of Personalized Coaching
Price: $360 (save $40)

Kickstart your journey to pure living with our 1-Month Starter Package. This comprehensive offering includes four weekly coaching sessions, goal-setting exercises, and ongoing support. As you invest in your well-being, rest assured that the discounted price reflects a significant cost savings.

3-Month Accelerator Package

Intensive Growth Experience: Three Months to Elevate Your Life
Price: $1,056 (save $144)

Accelerate your personal and professional growth with our 3-Month Accelerator Package. This immersive program includes twelve weekly coaching sessions, strategic planning, and continuous support. Enjoy substantial savings with the discounted package price.

6-Month Transformation Package

Holistic Transformation: Six Months to Radiant Living
Price: $2,040 (save $360)

Commit to a holistic transformation with our 6-Month Package. This extended program offers twenty-four weekly coaching sessions, goal refinement, and ongoing support. The discounted package price ensures that your investment in long-term well-being comes with significant savings.

Corporate Wellness

Empowering Wellness in the Workplace
Price: $200

Our comprehensive wellness program offers a holistic approach to fostering a culture of well-being within your organization. With a focus on promoting balance, productivity, and happiness, our program is designed to inspire positive lifestyle changes that lead to long-term benefits for your company and its most valuable asset—your people.

Our Services

Why Work With Us?

Certified Health Coaches

At Pure Living Coaching, our strength lies in our team of 10-20 functional medicine NBC-HWC Board Certified health coaches. Each coach brings a wealth of knowledge, backed by certifications and expertise in a variety of areas. Our diverse team ensures a comprehensive approach to your unique health goals.

Functional Medicine Expertise

As functional medicine health coaches, we take a personalized approach to address the root causes of health concerns. We go beyond traditional methods, focusing on your unique needs to promote lasting well-being, all through virtual consultations.

Holistic Health Coaching

Embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness with our team of holistic health coaches. We believe in treating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – to achieve sustainable, positive changes in your life, all from the convenience of virtual meetings.

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Alicia Schoolman

Burlington, NC

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Katherine Zukor
Book Now

Logan, UT

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Kevin Arnold

Albuquerque, NM

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Kimberly Hetzer

Hampstead, NC

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Teresa Jacobson

Detroit, MI

Our Certified Health Coaches

Our certified health coaches are passionate about leveraging holistic strategies to create personal solutions for our clients. Through education, support, and tailored wellness plans, we empower you to take control of your health. No matter what your goals are, our guidance fosters lasting change.


Pure Living Intro from CEO Shawn Blymiller

1. Assess & Identify

Unpack your health history by investigating patterns and other factors that get to the root causes of your health concerns.

2. Build Your Plan

Collaborate on remedies and action items specifically tailored to your needs, symptoms, and lifestyle demands.

3. Monitor & Adapt

Learn and practice active, sustainable change while continuing relevant health education and adjusting your plan.

Why Functional Medicine?

Most medical professionals specialize in treating specific symptoms. Your Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach takes a holistic approach to the systems that keep you moving – and identifies the cogs in the system that are holding you back.


The Pure Living Family Foundation

We understand the interconnectedness of personal well-being and community prosperity. That's why we proudly allocate 10% of all proceeds to the Pure Living Family Foundation. As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on individuals and families in need.

How to Get Started!

Booking Process

Booking a session with your dedicated Pure Living Coach is a breeze. Simply visit the "Pure Living Coaches" page to explore profiles, specialties, and qualifications. Choose the coach aligned with your wellness goals, whether in fitness, nutrition, mental health, or lifestyle improvements. Once you've made your selection, click on their profile to access the dedicated booking page, where you'll find information on availability, session types, and any specific booking instructions

Initial Consultation

Your well-being journey begins with a comprehensive initial consultation. During this session, you'll have the opportunity to share your health history, goals, and concerns with your coach. Expect a collaborative discussion, where we'll delve into your unique needs and lay the foundation for a personalized coaching plan. This is the starting point of your transformative journey with Pure Living Coaching.

Reach Out

We can’t wait to meet you and start your wellness journey.

Let's get in touch!

“Teresa was a great coach by helping me get my thyroid and weight under control. She gave me advice for articles to read, recipes, encouragement, and breathing techniques. Most importantly, she held me accountable. We talked about the importance of exercise and eating enough protein. I felt better after working with Teresa and she has a super calm approach and is very easy to work with.”

Amy C.

"My experience with Lindsey has been incredible. She took the time to get to know me and my lifestyle and gave me valuable tips on how to tighten up my nutrition in order for me to achieve my goals. Her follow up with information discussed in our sessions came with such detail and specificity and I continue to refer back to it to this day. She is someone who leads with authenticity and had my trust within the first few minutes. I feel grateful to have been coached by her and I’m happy to have her as a resource."

Antonella, Fitness professional, New York

"She checks in with me regularly and helps me hold myself accountable. She is gentle and kind but firm and straight to the point. She's very knowledgeable in different areas of health, food and fitness! Thank you teresa!!!”

Becca C.

"When I first met Betty, I was struggling with a lot of digestive problems. I felt bloated all the time, I suffered from abdominal pain and constipation dominated a huge part of my life. I‘ve had these problems since I was a teenager, I felt really frustrated since nothing seemed to work for me. After only one or two weeks of working with Betty, she was able to discover what triggered my symptoms. After that, my body began an amazing healing process and I simply couldn‘t believe this was happening. Betty not only taught me about food choices, she also taught me how to listen to my body and I will always thank her for all the positive changes that she brought to my life. She was really supportive, and listened to me carefully every time. I‘m really happy she was the one to guide me in this journey. I would highly recommend her!"

Catalina P.

"Spending time with Mike, discussing some of the key issues and challenges in my work has been eye opening and encouraging. He asks timely questions, tailors’ feedback to my personal values and leadership philosophy, providing a solid perspective when my context has needed a reset. In our first conversation, he provided a simple matrix for me to consider which, when applied, made a significant impact to preparations for key meetings. His ability to help flesh out my thoughts has sparked valuable conversations that have improved relationships, benefitted those I am investing in, and improved the dynamism of my team."

Charles M.

"Rachael’s deep presence, insightful questions, and intuitive listening left me feeling understood, clearer about my path forward, and eager to take action. I am grateful for Rachael’s support and could not recommend her more highly."

Christina F.

"Lindsey helped me align my lifestyle with my wellness goals. She understood where I was at and where I wanted to be for myself as well as for my family. She gave me the resources, motivation and encouragement I needed to overcome challenges I had in the past in order to obtain my highest overall wellness."

Courtney, Pharmacist, Tampa

I’m deeply grateful that I’ve connected with you at this time on my journey, what a gift to sign up for support on elimination diet and get so much more!! You have been so kind, thoughtful, and extremely supportive. I feel like I’ve made a new friend and I’m filled with gratitude.

Debbie Larrimore, MS, RN

Thank you so much for all you have helped me with in my healing journey. As you know, this has been quite a learning experience for me. I appreciate all of the resources you have shared. Your positivity is infectious and I am grateful for your support.


"Michael is a rarity. It is difficult to find someone with experience in the wide range of successful businesses and work environs that Michael has. What really sets him apart though, is the ease of which he integrates his education, experience, and natural talents into his coaching and work. When he speaks, it is apparent that the advice and questions he proffers, were formed from the forge of business and real-life experience, tempered with a genuine concern. Michael is easy to talk to and more importantly easy to trust because it is obvious that his priority is your personal and professional success."

Drew P.

"Leeann is great to work with. She is knowledgeable in her field and a great listener. She helped me eliminate some GI issues I have had for years and has given me so many ideas about how to sleep better, cook better and just live better so I have the tools to make my health a priority."

Erica H.

"I had no idea how much working with a coach could change my life! I was heading in an unhealthy direction and my doctor had me pretty scared. I had some bad habits, and my entire body hurt. I didn't think I could change, part of me didn't even want to change. It felt too hard. 2 years after working intensively with Mare and I feel like a far better version of myself. I've lost 10 pounds, I walk almost every day, I drink far less alcohol and I even stretch my body now! (it feels SO GOOD) I think I actually have some self respect now. I understand myself in a deeper way and slowly, over time I've been making better choices. Mare is so kind, so insightful and she really knows her stuff. She is also a crack up! We laugh a lot and my life is better because she is in it. Thank you really believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself."

J Pratt NM

"As a client of Mare’s for almost three years, both with coaching for my eating disorder plus massage for my chronic pain from DISH, I can honestly say that through her creative dedication to her craft and her thoughtful, professional execution, I have made more progress than with any other health care practitioner. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the interconnection of the body, mind and spirit, she is willing to research and find new ways of approaching an unusual condition or situation. Mare is persistent in a kind and insightful manner. She embodies patience and believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. I believe in magic and Mare manifests magic!"

J. Aurelia Fleck, NM

"I am so glad I found Kevin, there’s so much information now about health and wellness it’s hard to decipher what is legitimate. Kevin has deep knowledge as well as experience from his own recovery has helped provide deep insights into my own recovery. He has been very instrumental on my recovery path.”

James O.

“I admire her dedication and solutions to my high blood pressure problems I was having. We would set up a meeting to talk about how to go about getting my blood pressure stable and the path of my future. Teresa was very helpful and willing to take whatever steps for the causes and even after the 8 weeks we kept in touch.”

Justin B.

"Mare has been healing me since 2000. She was my health coach before I even knew there were health coaches and I'm so grateful for that! We reconnected 4 years ago and Mare has been my guiding light through my journey to stay healthy, get rid if my SiBO, and really become fit. It's not a vain act on my part, a living my healthiest life thing and Mare knew that right away. She has never pushed me more than a tender nudge to exercise (I'm stubborn), she would listen when I felt like I failed my eating program and then she'd remind me I didn't and then we would tweak the plan. She is always available and always thinking of her clients. She will help you, guide you, and always offer you a plethora of ideas from her wealth of knowledge. If you are looking for the right health coach, Mare is the coach for you!"

K Bittle, MA

"Working with a coach has helped me far more than all the years I tried to change my diet on my own. Mare has become such an important part of my life. She makes this all do able. I am kicking butt on the hills, and ab work. I feel stronger and happier. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with kindness and great humor. I’m actually having fun doing this! Thank you Mare!”

K. Alvarez, MA

"I worked with Lindsey for 6 remote sessions and it was awesome. We discussed my overall health, including exercise, weight, energy, nutrition, sleep and mental health. We always checked in about all the above and talked about what was working and what I was struggling with. Lindsey always offered great feedback, had ideas for ways I could be more successful and would give me homework that I was happy to do because it was tailored to me and what I was willing to do and not do. I loved the accountability and wish everyone could have Lindsey on their "team" of support."

Kadie, Artist, New York

"I started seeing Lindsey after dealing with low energy, joint pain, hormonal imbalances and fertility struggles. She is absolutely amazing.  First, her ability to empathize with my health concerns really helped build a relationship of trust. Secondly, through an in depth look at my diet, we set up a realistic and nourishing plan to support my journey back to optimal health. I feel so much better and I could not recommend Lindsey and her approach/services enough!"

Katie, LMFT, Louisville

"I went to see Mare through a recommendation of a friend who raved about her massage. I had pain in my shoulder that has been bothering me for a long time. She spent a long time with me listening to my concerns. I've never had a massage therapist do that. She really understood my pain. Then I decided to try a functional medicine coaching session with her and learned the depth of her knowledge in yet another area of healing. I learned so much about myself through that process! I learned how I rush through life, and some of the root of my stress reactions. I learned to slow down when I eat and be more present. I am sleeping better, lost 10 pounds and feel more connected to myself. This woman has found her calling."

L Rawlings, MA

"I was going through lots of physical and emotional challenges associated with menopause when I decided to to see a Health Coach. That is when I consulted Tanaz. It is remarkable how she gets out your innermost emotions and understands them. I personally felt very reassured and secure while sharing my life experiences with her. She enabled me to get an insight into what I actually want from my life. My whole perception of life transformed positively after her sessions. Not only did my health improve but also, I am now a better version of myself and I thank Tanaz for her support."

Madhavi K.

"I loved working with Lindsey. She approaches each session with warmth, kindness and compassion. She taught me so much in my lessons with her, and I've been able to adopt and sustain many of her recommendations in my life. Her encouragement has made me healthier and happier - which has spilled into my relationships at work and home."

Marguerite, Financial Planner, Kansas City

“I’ve been attending the group nutrition and lifestyle sessions Kevin has been running at the New Mexico Cancer and have learned so much in the last few months about the role nutrition plays in my cancer treatment. Thanks to Kevin I am already eating healthier, I have more energy, and thanks to all the stress reduction techniques we have learned I have even become more resilient. I really can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught us.”

Maria B.

“I was hoping to lose weight so I could fight off genetics. I’m grateful that meeting Teresa addressed more than shedding extra pounds. We talked about stress, mindfulness, breathing and movement to reach a healthier life. We partnered in devising a plan so that I could succeed having a stressful job, small children and demanding responsibilities. In our time meeting, I became lighter physically, emotionally and mentally. I absolutely recommend her as a health coach. You will likely receive more than you are hoping for."

Melissa M.

"Lindsey asked me the questions I needed to answer in order to understand my struggles as well as my motivations. I felt like she understood my lifestyle and we created a plan that was specifically individualized for me. She helped me understand the why, the what and the how."

Nancy, Nurse Practitioner, Baltimore

"Betty, during these 5 weeks, you have been a great support on the path of understanding the elimination diet and what functional medicine represents. You have made me understand and taught me things beyond nutrition and you have taken the time to closely follow my progress in this experiment. I recommend your service 100% and hope to meet again in the future."

Nelida R.

"To encompass all that I learned and gained from working closely with Alicia Schoolman, Synergy Health, would be very difficult. Alicia was someone that approached me where I was and guided me to health. Her wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the person was incredible. She not only helped me physically but mentally and spiritually to heal. Her calls were packed with tidbits, knowledge, encouragement and gentle guidance. In one year, I learned that I do have the choice to help heal my body through what I eat and how I live. This program gave me back my life and then some. The wealth of knowledge that I learned is immeasurable. I took notes during each meeting and have a notebook full of pertinent information for living healthier. I use the notebook as a reference and as a tool to continue to live healthier. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2001 when my youngest son was 6 months old. Today he is 22 years old. That is an awfully long time to not function and feel poorly. To know there are choices and to become more in charge of my life has been freeing. I cannot adequately express my gratitude toward Alicia Schoolman and Dr. Noonan, for their genuine care that they gave me over this past year."


To see a list of our testimonials, please visit our homepage.

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